Distilleries et Sucreries de Lessines, Velsique et Sars-la Buissiere

Promesse d'Action 27. January 18361 * 1000 Francs

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TypePromesse d'Action
Security Number360
Represented Quantity1
Nominal1000 Francs
Place of IssueLessinnes, Belgium
Date of Issue27. January 1836
Year of Acquisition2022


The firm evidently ran production units in the three villages that gave it its name and was established in 1835. I have not come across any evidence for the firm other than the certificate. By 1908 none of the places had a sugar factory.

Plain design for this subscription note. On the reverse the four instalments for the payment towards one share are recorded.

Sources: Verzeichnis der Zuckerfabriken und Raffinerien Deutschlands und des Auslandes. XXV Jahrgang Campagne 1908/09 | Museum Fraikin (museum-fraikin.de)