Grocers Steam Sugar Refining Company of New-York

Bond 01. October 18531 * 500 US-$

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Security Number239
Represented Quantity1
Nominal500 US-$
Coupon Rate7%
Place of IssueNew York, United States of America
Date of Issue01. October 1853
Printing FirmNicht zugewiesen
Year of Acquisition2016


Short-lived company that built and ran a sugar refinery in New York. It acquired a plot in 1852 to build a refinery. In 1857 the company failed. Surprisingly the proceeds from the sale in 1858 were more than enough to pay for the mortgage.

Early design for this bond - more typical of later share certificates. Unusually three individuals are identified as creditors. Large vignette of the refinery. Corporate seal. Very thin paper and oversize format.

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