Sociètè en Participation de Cousin Prudhomme et Frères pour la fabrication de sucre de betteraves et du noir animal

Action 18541 * 1000 Francs

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Security Number259
Represented Quantity1
Nominal1000 Francs
Place of IssueBrussels, Belgium
Date of Issue1854
Year of Acquisition2022


The firm evidently ran a sugar factory in Villers-St.-Amand from the mid 1850s to the late 1860s. It then presumably was superseded by new and successful factories in nearby Ath and Brugulete established in 1871 and 1870 respectively. I have not found traces for this company other than the shares.

Plain design looking distinctly “home-made”. Belgian tax stamps. On the reverse stamps for dividends from 1855 - 1869.

1854 pencilled in - presumably the date of incorporation for a sugar company that will have existed before. Signed by a Prudhomme as board member.

Sources: Verzeichnis der Zuckerfabriken und Raffinerien Deutschlands und des Auslandes. XXV Jahrgang Campagne 1908/09 | Museum Fraikin (