De Hollandsche Suiker-Raffineraderij

Aandeel 15. Januar 18631 * 1000 Gulden

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Nennwert1000 Gulden
AusgabeortAmsterdam, Niederlande
Ausgabedatum15. Januar 1863
DruckereiSpin, C.A. & Zoon, Amsterdam


Sugar refinery founded and seated in Amsterdam in 1861 (but the shares only issued in 1863). The company processed raw cane sugar and was one of four in Amsterdam mentioned in 1891. The company must have been in trouble in 1892 as the nominal value of the shares was reduced. 26 coupons were detached - indicating 26 annual dividends. No longer mentioned in 1908

Typical design for the period for this share issued on the foundation of the company. In 1892 the nominal value of the shares was reduced to 800 fl (stamped accordingly). Remaining coupons here. The coupon sheet is overstamped in blue with "HollandscheSuikerRaffineraderijAmsterdam" - something I have so far not come across with other Dutch certificates.

Sources: Verzeichnis der Zuckerfabriken und Raffinerien des Deutschen Reiches und der angrenzenden Länder. Campagne 1891/92