Gran Azucarera, Sociedad en comandita por acciones

Accion 01. März 18591 * 500 Pesos

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Nennwert500 Pesos
AusgabeortHabana, Kuba
Ausgabedatum01. März 1859
DruckereiLitog. del Comercio, Habana


The company was set up in 1857 and was the first major joint stock company in the field of sugar production - and one of the first Cuban joint stock companies when Cuba was and would be for some time to come a Spanish colony. It acquired a number of existing mills in the first years of its existence. By 1866 the company was in severe economic difficulties and probably went bankrupt soon thereafter.

Very attractive and decorative piece sporting a a large vignette with two allegorical ladies and attributes of maritime trade, agriculture and sugar production with a sugar estate in full swing in the background. Wavy cut.

Major historic company and very interesting piece with the company founded alongside a veritable sugar boom. The only sociedad en comandita por acciones I have come across in Cuba.

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