Internationale Crediet- en Handelsvereeniging "Rotterdam"

Bewijs van Aandeel 1914 500 Gulden

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TypBewijs van Aandeel
Nennwert500 Gulden
AusgabeortRotterdam, Niederlande
DruckereiWyt & Zonen, Rotterdam


Internationale Crediet- en Handelsvereeniging "Rotterdam" was one of the six major financing companies for the sugar industry on the island of Java in the Dutch-Indies - today part of Indonesia. The company known as Internatio was set up in 1863 and seated in Rotterdam. It was originally founded by two garment manufacturing companies in the Netherlands looking to export to the Dutch-Indies. Apart from sugar it also was involved in coffee, indigo, rubber, tea and wood as well as other products. Unlike its brethren it for most part of its history focussed on managing factories (10 in 1916) and as far as I can tell only wholly owned sugar factories as a consequence of the Great Depression (Tjebongan and others). With the nationalisation of the sugar industry in Indonesia in the second half of the 1950s the company changed its scope and in 1970 became part of the defunct conglomerate Internatio-Müller. The name still survives in the Dutch company IMCD (originally Internatio-Müller Chemical Distribution) which was sold in 2001 and became listed in 2014. Other parts of the conglomerate ended with the bankruptcy of Imtech in 2015.

The shares were issued in 1914 (also the year of the tax stamp). The certificate speaks of the shares as being part of the seventh out of eight series - the eighth series would be issued later (1917). Unusual design relative to the typical sugar company. Remaining coupons attached.

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