Koloniale Bank

Bewijs van Aandeel 21. Januar 19371 * 500 Gulden

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TypBewijs van Aandeel
Nennwert500 Gulden
AusgabeortAmsterdam, Niederlande
Ausgabedatum21. Januar 1937
DruckereiJ.H. de Bussy, Amsterdam


The Koloniale Bank was one of the six major financing companies. It was seated in Amsterdam and had a number of activities which included involvement in the financing but also the management and the ownership of sugar factories and plantations. In the late 1920s it directly owned three factories on Java - at least two of which were actually set up by Koloniale Bank.

Unusual design for 1937 and a stylized vignette of a plantation. Remaining coupons attached.

Sources: Jaarboek voor Suikerfabrikanten in Ned.-Indie. 1918/22Three Crises. Management in the Colonial Java Sugar Industry