Nederlandsche Suikerraffinaderij

Aandeel 12. Dezember 18491 * 1000 Gulden

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Nennwert1000 Gulden
AusgabeortAmsterdam, Niederlande
Ausgabedatum12. Dezember 1849


Established as a refinery for raw cane sugar in 1820 by C. de Bruyn. Considerable expansion in the following years including acquisition of small nearby refineries. In 1841 25.000 tons of raw cane sugar were processed. Financial troubles led to the incorporation of the "Nederlandsche Suikerraffinaderij" in 1849. The de Bruyns remained directors of the company until 1857 when they departed to set up the first Dutch beet sugar factory in Zevenbergen. In 1891 the company is no longer mentioned as a refinery in Amsterdam.

Plain design for this early piece. Unusually only 5 dividend coupons were originally attached. Probably the company was under severe stress in the late 1850s as a stamp indicates a reduced nominal value for the shares of 350 fl from the original 1000 fl. Signed by A. de Bruyn as director. Remaining coupons attached (here) - the first 15 were detached.

Source: (citing H.W. Lintsen (red.). Techniek in Nederland: De wording van een moderne samenleving 1800-1890. Deel 1) retrieved 6.4.2021