Planters in Rio Essequebo en Rio Demmerary

Hypotheecq 06. Januar 17711 * 1000 Gulden

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Nennwert1000 Gulden
AusgabeortAmsterdam, Niederlande
Ausgabedatum06. Januar 1771


Financial innovation in the 18th century. Banks repackaged their loans to planters in the area of the Essequebo and Demmerary rivers and sold them off to investors in pieces. These two rivers were in the Dutch colony of Essequibo which - after some back and forth - ended up in British hands after 1814 (unlike Suriname which remained under Dutch control to independence). Whilst the planters presumably also produced sugar cane the document remains silent on this. 

Plain document with a decorative imprint on the upper front page (a tax stamp). Folds and creases. Terms and conditions on the front page and overleaf. This includes mentioning the securities for the loans - including the slaves. The signature of the issuing director Daniel Changuion (for a link to a portrait of the gentleman see here) and repayment stamps to 1841 on page three - obviously the political upheavals of the time did not prevent the good planters from repaying their loans in the end. But it does seem that the repayment came later and in somewhat less orderly instalments than originally expected...

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