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Suikeronderneming "Poerworedjo"

Bewijs van Aandeel | 01. Feb 1921 | 1 Stück zu 1.000 Gulden
Typ Bewijs van Aandeel
Nummer 1564
Stückzahl 1
Nennwert 1.000 Gulden
Ausgabeort Niederlande, Amsterdam
Ausgabedatum 01. Feb 1921
Druckerei Joh. Enschedé en Zonen
Sprache Niederländisch
Farbe braun

Dutch-Indies sugar company founded in 1908 seated in Amsterdam and active on the Indonesian island of Java in the Kedoe residency. The company was founded to erect the factory built in 1909. In 1921 this factory was one of the largest on Java - with roughly three times the average capacity and had an issued capital of 5 million fl. The cpompany still existed in 1932.

Probably issued in a capital increase. Typical design of the 1920s. Remaining coupons attached.

Sources: on 1.1.2021, Jaarboek voor Suikerfabrikanten in Ned.-Indie. 1918/22