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Centrale Suiker Maatschappij - CSM

Converteerbare Obligatie | 28. Nov 1990
Typ Converteerbare Obligatie
Nummer 00000
Nennwert 100 Gulden
Ausgabeort Niederlande, Amsterdam
Ausgabedatum 28. Nov 1990
Druckerei de Bussy Ellerman Harms
Sprache Niederländisch
Farbe bordeaux, schwarz
Erwerbsjahr 2016

The Centrale Suiker Maatschappij later CSM was formed in 1919 to own a majority of the privately owned Dutch beet sugar factories (Oud Gastel, Franeker, Gorinchem, Halfweg, Oudenbosch, Oud Beierland, Rosendaal, Standaarbuiten, Statendam, Steenbergen, Werkendam and Zevenbergen) and one refinery in Amsterdam (Wester Suiker-Raffineraderij). The only surviving factories not forming part of this corporation were cooperatively owned factories that also over the years joined forces to form Suiker Unie. The company expanded beyond sugar from 1968 (lactic acid, confectioneries, bakery supply products, etc.).  The sugar business (sold to Suiker Unie) and the branded consumer goods were sold out off by 2007. Today the company has renamed itself Corbion and offers food ingredients as well as biomedical materials, bioplastics and biochemicals but is still listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange.

0-numbered specimen of a 10 year variable rate convertible bond - 100 fl nominal value (the interest rate was tied to the Dutch government bond yield and the bond could be converted into shares). In typical late 20th century design. From the de Bussy archives (numbered 16593). CSM was a serial issuer of bonds at the time - and with 1,500,000 fl outstanding this was a large issue. Coupons attached. Embossing seal of the administrating company.

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