A Warm Welcome 

to my “virtual Museum Fraikin”. The focus is on presenting one of the largest collections of scripophily related to the sugar industry. You will find bond and share certificates from the 18th to the late 20th century from almost all continents and many countries as well as short papers on relevant topics and books and other items.

Why collect historic certificates?

Collecting has always been a passion of mine - first postal stamps then scripophily as this hobby is often calles (and a few things along the way). Old bonds and shares uniquely combine history and art. Places, countries, currencies, units, languages, stamps, signatures, industrial revolutions, booms and busts, financial innovation, factories, allegorical figures and ox carts - all on pieces of paper that were proof of ownership. I have built my collection since 1990 specialising on the sugar industry right from the start.

Why sugar?

Most collectors specialise - often countries, regions, industries or themes - and if you do not specialise you are faced with millions of potential objects of desire…In my case a fortunate coincidence put me on the right track. In 1990 as a student I read an article on scripophily in the German “Handelsblatt” and was immediately fascinated. I contacted the dealer mentioned (Reinhild Tschöpe) and purchased my first piece - an 1871 share of the sugar factory in Kaurim (Czech Republic). A beautiful print, limited edition, excellent condition and over 100 years old. On closer inspection I found “sugar” a very good industry to focus on: Many but not too many old certificates, often decorative and present almost wherever people live. Especially in my home country Germany the sugar industry was (and is) present throughout the country and often comes with colourful local history. Then there is the personal connection: My grandfather was a farmer and planted sugar beet amongst his crops, which he delivered to a nearby factory. So as a little boy I proudly and very gladly accompanied my grandfather - and feared to be washed away with the beet roots… The 1977 debenture issued to him by Südzucker is not my most impressive piece but certainly the most emotional.

An absolute highlight!

For a look at the most probably oldest German-language share certificate: k.k. priveligirte Zucker-Raffinerie in Königsaal bey Prag issued in 1792. Only two known pieces.

How to find your way around…

You will find the basic infrastructure of the website available in German, English and Russian and the content predominantly in German and English. Once you have choosen a portion of the collection to look at (securities, articles or books and other items) you will find a number of items and you will be able to sort, filter and search…which will allow you to look for example for all items printed by a particular printing firm or all securities that were issued in the German state of Hessen before 1900.

What will happen going forward?

Starting in 2020 I have begun to put my collection online. Whilst I have listed most of my small specialist library already I am close to 70% for the bond and share certificates. Germany (384 pcs) is complete as far as my collection is concerend as well as the Netherlands (ca 320 - including companies active in the Dutch colonies) , Belgium (over 40) and the US and Cuba (around 160 and 60 respectively). I will gladly include articles written by other authors, link to relevant pages and look forward to your feedback. Last but not least - if you have a piece I do not - let me know!