Sukker-Raffinaderiet i Store Kongensgade No. 64

Actie-Brev 28. May 18131 without nominal value

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Security Number93
Represented Quantity1
Place of IssueCopenhagen, Denmark
Date of Issue28. May 1813
Year of Acquisition2023


Apparently the refinery in Copenhagen founded in 1760 was originally part of the Danish West-Indies and Guinea Company. When that company was dissolved the refinery was acquired by an entrepreneur - Count Schimmelmann who had already made a fortune with slaves and sugar plantations - and turned into the largest sugar enterprise in northern Europe. His son continued to run the enterprise successfully for some time and also was a key minister in the Danish government. In the context of the Danish state's bankruptcy the venture ran into trouble and this company was founded in 1813 to keep the enterprise afloat and existed to 1822.

Plain design typical of the early pieces. Corporate wax seal inside. The share represents 1 / 200 of the share capital and 400 Reichsdaler of Danish Courant had to be paid in. Dividends for 1813-1816 were paid. Issued to bank director Lars Larssen (who probably signed as a director). One ownership change in 1817 overleaf (here).

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